SCTE: Artificial intelligence, naturally smarter cable networks

16 Sep 2019
Owners & Associations

Broadband cable operators are evolving toward automated operations enabling engineers and technicians to manage network functionality proactively and give customers greater flexibility in self-managing their services. The cable industry is increasingly utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their services, including network operations and -management as well as customer experience. Cable operators collect a lot of data – the task at hand is aggregating it in a useful manner.

An AI-system collects and aggregates data, detects patterns, anticipates trends and automatically takes appropriate actions. Broadband cable operators are applying AI-disciplines in a number of ways, including proactive network maintenance (PNM), customer behaviour detection algorithms, automation and virtualization for better visibility into the network and self-management of services for customers.

This paper/presentation takes a look at the latest developments in applied artificial intelligence in the cable industry, their implementation strategies and technical approaches to generate meaningful insight from the abundance of data available and to enable higher efficiency in network operation, as well as future trends in the application of AI in cable.

Alexander Adams, Managing Director and Chief Science Officer - Adams Network Engineering