Social / Culture

Our employees are more than just people to us, we empower you to be driven in everything that you do. We pride ourselves on our creative, innovative and inclusive culture. It is crucial for us to ensure that our employees remain engaged and inspired at work, all whilst we work together to lead industry transformation and to power our success. 

Charity Committee

IBC operates a corporate social responsibility (CSR) business approach, that contributes to the continuous sustainable development of the show and around everything that we do. We have a dedicated CSR group who actively work on ensuring that IBC meets its economic, social and environmental commitments and that they are in line with our CSR policy.

We play our part in improving the community and generating a positive social impact whilst strengthening the company.

IBC is a great place for enthusiastic people to come and add significant value in an exciting and evolving marketplace.

Drew Englebright

IBC is a dynamic, social and collaborative workplace with expanding opportunities. I am excited to continue my career in a spirited company with passionate colleagues, who are motivated for individual and team success.

Alana Foster
Staff Writer, IBC

IBC provides a platform that allows us to engage with global businesses in this exciting and cutting edge industry. Media content and TV of the 21st century! We embrace a celebratory and inclusive culture, combined with international travel… what's not to like?

Jonathan Harland
International Sales Manager, IBC

The best thing about IBC is getting to work with a dynamic, innovative and creative team.  No two days are the same in this exciting environment.

Tamsin Christofides
Head of Projects, IBC