IBC2021 Accelerators Submission Form


Please complete this form to propose an Accelerator Media Innovation Project that you would like to develop starting March 2021. The goal is to showcase the solution to your challenge as a Proof of Concept at IBC 2021 (10-13th September 2021, in Amsterdam).

This page contains:

  • Submission form questions for your proposed Accelerator Project
  • Programme information, key dates & fees for vendor/ supplier participation 
  • Links to further details on the Accelerator programme

Please note the deadline to submit your challenge is Friday 26 February 2021. After this date our team may be unable to accept your project proposal.

Following the successful evaluation of your submission, IBC will invite you to pitch the challenge at an Accelerator ‘Kickstart’ pitch event in mid-March 2021, where project teams will be formed - this will likely be a virtual event. Specific details to be advised soon. 


There are two distinct roles in Accelerator Projects - Champions and Participants:

Champions are the potential buyers/end users for the solutions e.g. broadcasters, studios, platforms, content owners and providers. They define the business challenge, validate that the project addresses a significant industry challenge, help develop the project use cases and evangelise the solution within their organisation and to the wider industry. There can be multiple Champions supporting projects, but the minimum required is one. Champions do not pay fees for involvement. 

Participants are the companies which build, develop and sell products, equipment, solutions & services e.g. vendors, manufacturers, software & application developers, systems integrators etc. They help design the solution collaboratively with the guidance of Champions and alongside other participants, culminating in a PoC demonstration at the end of the project cycle, which is between 4-6 months. There must be a minimum of four Participants working in a project, and the maximum is eight. Participant fees are applicable (see page 6).

At this early stage of the process, we don’t expect that you will necessarily have a full team in place or have met all the requirements for the full go ahead of your project, but we request that you give consideration to Co-Champions that you would like to involve, and particularly to the vendors and specific expertise that you would like to recruit into the project. 

This is where the IBC team will provide support for matchmaking to engage additional Champions and Participants with an interest in the challenge and compatible expertise to achieve the goals of the project in order to help you succeed.  

Submission Form