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11 - 15 September 2020
RAI Amsterdam 

IBC Accelerator Media Innovation programme

IBC Accelerator Media Innovation programme

IBC Accelerator Media Innovation programme

IBC Accelerator Media Innovation programme

Official Call for 2020 Accelerator Challenges!

IBC recognises a host of current and future business and technology challenges that are impacting and disrupting the entire media content value chain. The convergence between the media, technology and telecoms sectors is changing at breath-taking speed. Whether it is through seismic audience shifts from traditional to online platforms across multiple devices and screens, or the transformation to IP for production workflows.

Change comes with a host of disruptive new technologies in the creative, production, distribution and consumption landscape. This requires faster, more agile approaches to innovation…

As an evolution of the 2019 Media-Telecoms Catalysts, IBC Accelerators are fast track, collaborative and open innovation projects that address complex media industry business and technology challenges. It is a place where multicompany teams come together to develop innovative solutions over an intensive four to six-month project path. The solutions will be showcased as proof of concepts at IBC2020.

IBC is now calling for new challenge use cases for the 2020 cycle of projects along with game changing ‘Champions’ and ‘Participants’ to drive the next wave of industry innovation. Submit your proposal by completing the submission form below. 

If you have any questions or would like an initial review of your Accelerator idea before submitting, please complete this form. IBC will be in contact with you directly. 

Important information

Submission deadline: 31 January 2020

Project dates: February to July 2020

IBC2020: 11-15 September 2020


Submission Form

To submit your application please download and complete this form. 

Your completed proposal is to be submitted by 15 January 2020. 



Benefits of Creating or Joining an IBC Accelerator Project

1. Multiplication of resources (x5)

IBC Accelerators serve as extensions to your R&D departments where resources are pooled by participating organisations

2. Acceleration of R&D, Fast Collaboration

With an R&D cycle considerably faster than most in-house cycles, the power of Accelerator Projects is significant. IBC manages the projects’ cycle ensuring structured programmes are in place. All this comes at a fraction of the cost that you would have incurred internally

3. Creativity from a multi-company team

Working with some of the brightest minds from outside your company helps get fresh perspectives into the project

4. Testing Platform

Learn how your solution works with others from the industry or from other sectors in a hands-on environment. Receive real requirements and sincere feedback from other Champions & industry colleagues

 5. ‘Trust’ – A safe place to innovate

Explore new concepts: without needing to expend time and energy to form commercial relationships –IBC (together with TM Forum, where appropriate) takes care of the contracts and collaboration tools.

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