IBC Stand Design Awards 

Helping visitors find the technologies they require from the 1,700+ IBC exhibitors is a challenge. We play our part in the way we lay out the halls by theme, and the exhibitors play their part by designing stands which guide the visitor and showcase their products.

A dedicated team of judges tour the entire exhibition, looking carefully at every stand and choosing those which they regard as outstanding in terms of accessibility, clarity and image.

What do the Judges Look For?

Seven teams of judges tour the fifteen halls looking for stands that best meet the judging criteria. The judges compile a shortlist and then vote on each category, with a maximum of 35 points awarded. Creativity (maximum 15 points) is key, Impact (maximum 10 point) is often a differentiator and Fit for Purpose (maximum 10 points) a critical factor to ensure the use of the space available is optimal.

In short the judges will nominate an attractive and open stand that has a design that reflects the company corporate image, looks inviting, exciting, is a pleasure to visit and has clear signage that conveys the most important product marketing messages.

The judges will seek out exhibits showing a strong, stylish and confident visual presence that highlights an accomplished and differentiated brand.

Success is not dependant on scale; the designer must think in terms of creative brand strategy as well as aesthetics - has the exhibit been designed to ensure that it is an expression of their client's corporate message, their core brand values and their ethos?

Delivering effective brand communication and generating emotionally resonant brand experiences that reach, entertain and inform critical audiences depends upon the successful delivery of key messages to visitors.

Top tips from the judges
  • Does the exhibit satisfy the basic pre-requisite of brand identification, ie is the client's branding clearly visible from all available approaches?
  • Do the key messages form an integral part of the design and are they immediately accessible to the visitor?
  • Can visitors move freely and logically through the exhibit architecture enabling them to fully 'engage' with the brand?
  • Is it immediately clear what the exhibitor is selling?
  • Do the forms employed in the design allow the client to take command of the space they occupy?
  • Does the design leave an impression at every touch-point?
  • Does it connect with the audience?
  • Has the designer successfully leveraged the intrinsic power of colour in a focused, refined and strategic manner?
  • Has the designer exploited lighting successfully in the creation of a memorable experience for their client?
  • Have they sought to explore new and interesting materials or possibly determined to use traditional materials in a more imaginative and interesting way?
  • Is the stand 'fit for purpose'?
  • Does the stand meet all the IBC exhibition stand design rules - especially the rules that ensure stands are open and do not block the view of other stands in the hall. If there is a raised floor does the stand offer wheel chair access?
Rules for Entry

To win an award, all exhibitors have to comply with the IBC Exhibition Rules contained in the exhibitor's manual.

Judges note, in particular, the guidelines relating to the provision of disabled access on to stands.

How will I know if I've won?

If you are a winner, a member of the judging team will visit your stand on the Saturday of the show and present you with your award.

Winners will receive extensive publicity during IBC, including coverage in the IBC Daily. Winners will also receive coverage on show.ibc.org, inclusion in IBC emails and on social media platforms. 

Silicon valley is coming! Google have a huge presence here this year, Facebook, Amazon - the web players of this space are really starting to figure out how they can get into media and distribution as well, so it's a really nice mix.

Roger Sherwood
Global Strategy Media and Entertainment, Cisco