IBC Awards Categories

The IBC Awards cover a wide variety of areas, celebrating everything from exceptional stand design on the IBC Exhibition showfloor to innovative thinking and research in our conference papers; and from creative collaborations between technical partners and end users to special honours awarded at the Judges' discretion.

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IBC Innovation Awards

IBC is the one global forum where every aspect of the industry comes together to share knowledge, solve challenges and develop future strategies. The IBC Innovation Awards celebrate that spirit of co-operation and collaboration.

Now well established as the most coveted in the industry, the IBC Innovation Awards are the original and only truly independant industry awards for technological and creative innovation. They are so much more than product awards, rewarding excellence and unique in their approach: a winning project will be one where the commissioning company works closely with technology partners to deliver a clever, appropriate and innovative solution to a real business, technical or creative issue.

International Honour For Excellence

The highest honour IBC bestows, the International Honour for Excellence is awarded each year to an individual or organisation that has made an outstanding contribution to the media, entertainment and technology industry. Past winners have included Director James Cameron, Manolo Romero, Olympic Broadcasting Services, Sir David Attenborough for a career spanning 60 years of endlessly innovative wildlife television and Mr Ang Lee for his continuing recognition of the technical possibilities of innovation, in the service of great movie-making.

In 2017 the International Honour for Excellence was presented to Dolby Laboratories for more than 50 years of continual improvement in sound. 

Exhibition Stand Design

Helping visitors find the technologies they require from the 1,700+ IBC exhibitors is a challenge. We play our part in the way we lay out the halls by theme, and the exhibitors play their part by designing stands which guide the visitor and showcase their products.

A dedicated team of judges toured the entire exhibition, looking carefully at every stand and chose those which they regarded as outstanding in terms of accessibility, clarity and image.

There are three IBC Exhibition Stand Design Awards: for the Most Imaginative Use of Shell Scheme Space, and for the Best Smaller and Larger Free-Design Stands.

Best Technical Paper

The Technical Papers programme is seen as the most important global arena to unveil the latest in cutting edge research.

"IBC is one of the most credited organisations in the media industry and has allowed us to spread our vision and encourage further innovation." Marcelo Souza, Digital Media Technology Director, TV Globo

The Technical Papers Committee review every paper submitted, selecting the best papers to be presented at the IBC Conference. From their deliberations they also chose the single paper which best combines innovative thinking and clarity of presentation, with the author receiving the IBC Best Technical Paper Award.

In 2017 the IBC Best Technical Paper was awarded to Brazilian broadcaster TV Globo, for their paper entitled ‘Big data for data journalism, enhanced business analytics and video recommendation at Globo’.

Judges' Prize

The Judges’ Prize may be drawn from the nominations in the three Innovation Award categories, or it may be another project which has caught the judges' eye because of its creative, technical or commercial imagination.

Past winners of the Judges' Prize include Stereoscopic 3D coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and NASA for chronicling the exploration of space, for collaborating with film-makers, for continuing to make the content available and for advancing the science and craft of imaging.

In 2017 the Judges' Prize went to Groupe Media TFO.

Special Award

When there is a person or programme has gone the extra mile and achieved something truly remarkable, IBC will give a Special Award. 

Past examples have included the NHK development of Super Hi-Vision, Sky Television’s 3D coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Atlantic Productions’ remarkable documentary Flying Monsters 3D with Sir David Attenborough, and SMPTE to celebrate their 100 year history.