European debut for StreamGuys’ URS

By IBC Daily Team
03 August 2018

StreamGuys is set to use IBC as the backdrop for the European debut of its Uncompressed Reflector Service (URS), the latest evolution of the Reflector stream delivery and management service offered jointly by StreamGuys and Barix. The company claims support for uncompressed audio streaming with metadata enables new cloud-based encoding, processing and distribution workflows.

Developed by Barix and hosted, operated and supported by StreamGuys, the Reflector managed service allows broadcasters and content producers to create IP-based audio delivery links without the complexity of configuring static IP addresses and firewalls. Audio from a Barix hardware endpoint is transported across StreamGuys’ content delivery network, bolstering reliability, while management of the link is simplified through a cloud-based portal. 

In the new workflow, a Barix Exstreamer 500 encoder/decoder unit transports source audio via Reflector to StreamGuys’ broadcast-grade cloud infrastructure as an uncompressed PCM stream with metadata. StreamGuys’ virtualised Remote Encoder then transforms the uncompressed audio into any desired combination of bitrates and profiles for subsequent multi-point, multi-platform distribution. 

Reflector’s new uncompressed transport functionality also brings benefits to the service’s traditional point-to-point architectures for studio-to-transmitter (STL), studio-to-studio and remote contribution links.

Stand Number: 8.A59