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Project Manager

Project Manager

Project Manager

Project Manager

Reporting to: Head of Projects

Job Purpose

You will be responsible for Project Managing a number of projects identified by the Head of Projects using agreed project management methods, standards and processes for all IBC projects throughout the project lifecycle. You will proactively seek collaboration with senior members of IBC to refine project concepts, commercial arrangements and strategic future proof plans in line with the IBC three-year plan which may include sensitive internal change projects requiring discretion and confidentiality.

You will work across the teams at IBC to ensure the smooth delivery of the projects you are working on including managing resistance where necessary, managing core elements of a project including budgets, timelines, project plans and roles and responsibilities.

The role will include, but not be limited to:

  • Work with the executive team to plan and initiate new and existing business development projects
  • Work with project owners to define the level of project management involvement
  • Work with project owners to create and refine project objectives
  • Manage agreed objectives and outcomes to a successful conclusion
  • Proactively facilitate project groups
  • Proactively facilitate and/ or lead communication of the project to all stakeholders as applicable
  • Ensure all projects are resourced appropriately utilising internal and external staff 
  • To support the Head of Projects to champion Project Management and associated methodologies across the organisation
  • You will proactively seek ways to ensure the Projects team remain ahead of the curve in terms of PM and CM best practice concepts and methodologies
  • Provide day to day management of team members
  • Ensure all projects carried out by the team are planned and executed in line with the Project Management methodology 
  •  Strong leadership skills
  • An understanding of the need for diplomacy and discretion
  • A successful track record in team facilitation and management
  • Strong influencing and persuading skills
  • The ability to prioritise the needs of a group and successfully communicate why a decision has been made
  • A broad understanding of all issues that can affect the delivery of an event or project
  • A successful track record in building new concepts
  • An understanding of the electronic media and broadcast industry
  • A strong understanding of budgets and key financial concepts
  • A deadline driven ethos underpinned by a project management qualification
  • The ability to manage conflict when necessary
  • Proactive communication skills
  • Attention to detail 
Person specification
  • An individual with project management and change management skills and experience
  • An individual with an ability to manage a team of people with an unbiased agenda
  • Someone who can see the bigger picture and the end goal whilst not getting bogged down in detail
  • A disciplined administrator with a keen attention to detail who is able to work accurately and methodically
  • A confident communicator across stakeholder boundaries
  • Someone with the ability to multitask with a high, accurate work rate and output
  • An effective team player with a high level of professionalism 


Key core competencies

Commerciality & Strategic Agility

  • Communicates and discusses financial and strategic information with confidence and clarity internally and externally.
  • Critically evaluates financial and commercial risks and opportunities, and strategic information. -Uses IBC and industry expertise to advise on business-case validation beyond basic ROI.
  • Effectively states, recommends and justifies a necessary change in strategic direction. -Relates all current and new activities/objectives/ goals/direction to the stated IBC strategy.
  • Develops and implements own business-area strategies to deliver IBC’s strategic goals.
  • Ensures that own business area strategies support and are supported by the strategic direction of other business areas.
  • Allocates resources and effort according to strategic priorities – refocusing own business area on key strategies. 
  • Driving results and creating solutions 
  • Creates an atmosphere that motivates and gains commitment from team/business area members to achieve the business strategy.
  • Acts as a role model for IBC - demonstrably 'goes the extra mile' Identifies and stays focused on the delivery of key projects and priorities.
  • Eliminates unnecessary bureaucracy, striving for clarity and simplicity Drives for high quality and timely decisions despite resistance and /or uncertainty.
  • Is prepared to review and discuss decisions by evaluating the merit of new information.
  • Generates commitment for decisions by involving key influencers and teams in the decision-making and problem- solving processes.

Leadership and managing performance 

  • Promotes a culture that values and rewards personal development, celebrates successes and builds enthusiasm, trust, confidence and optimism for the future
  • Focuses on the development of own and direct reports’ leadership capability
  • Addresses any conflict in a timely and sensitive manner, focusing on outcomes in line with client and business objectives
  • Identifies development and capability needs and trends across own business area and successfully implements appropriate solutions. 
  • Collaboration and inspiring change 
  • Takes responsibility and supports others to generate and build a broad base of support amongst key influencers to enhance delivery to clients
  • Proactively shares key knowledge and learning, and builds agreement amongst others
  • Identifies and breaks down organisational barriers to effective team working and crossbusiness-area collaboration to support the achievement of strategic goals
  • Develops structures, processes and reward mechanisms that encourage a ‘one team’ attitude and behavior.

Client focus and communication

  • Actively encourages others to question and improve existing processes in line with client needs on an ongoing basis
  • Focuses people to proactively identify and deliver improvements in the level of service to internal and external clients
  • Identifies, implements and reviews changes to business processes or direction in order to ensure service excellence and deliver value in line with company strategy
  • Conveys personal conviction and enthusiasm for ideas and proposals.
  • Presents effectively to internal and/or external senior clients aiming to influence - clear, concise, confident. Ensures that messages and important information are understood throughout the business.

Applying expertise, awareness and innovation 

  • Seeks and introduces perspectives of new-market and business best practice to team and/or peers/manager.
  • Supports experimentation and prudent risk-taking to promote effective change and/or innovation.
  • Identifies and removes barriers to change and/or new ideas/ continual improvement.
  • Identifies and addresses the impact of change on own business area and provides support to other areas during change.
  • Anticipates market reactions to IBC’s strategy within own area.
  • Ensures that own business area maintains a high level of awareness of significant developments in IBC’s sector and business environment.
  • Reacts quickly and effectively to market changes. 

Updated: March 2019

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