Project 5: Evolution of the Control Room - Leveraging XR, Voice, AI & HTML-Based Graphics Solutions  

Project 5: Evolution of the Control Room - Leveraging XR, Voice, AI & HTML-Based Graphics Solutions  

This project combines two original Accelerator Challenges into a transformative overarching project exploring the evolution of live production workflows – with two key streams of development - the Evolution of the Control Room, leveraging XR, Voice, AI  and HTML Based Graphic Solutions.    

Evolution of the Control Room, leveraging XR, Voice & AI: The broadcast industry is challenged to streamline production with a shift towards story-centric workflows and multi-platform delivery. Prioritising new and relevant content for the audience requires a move away from siloed workflows with individual production teams reproducing the same material for each output format.   

To address rising costs and evolving audience needs, the industry must re-imagine media production. Building on the initiatives of last year's Gallery Agnostic Media Production IBC Accelerator, which harnessed the potential of a Single Unified Workflow across all devices and tech stacks, our new challenge aims to optimise the workflow with XR Technology and AI Solutions, enabling the production team to realise their creative vision without advanced technical expertise.  

The POC will aim to showcase the potential of Democratized Media Production, integrating XR, automation, AI, voice commands, and shared resources between distributed studios. The result will be easier, faster, cheaper and more sustainable solutions for meeting audience demand across any device or location. Watch Kickstart Pitch HERE.

Multiplatform HTML Based Graphics Solutions: Synergy between digital and traditional linear broadcast platforms is a must to achieve brand assurance and the optimal production flow. Use of discrete broadcast graphics equipment makes production of cross-platform content very difficult as the products generally have a very closed architecture. 

The project stream aims to develop a modular graphics solution that supports multiplatform delivery as well as real-time end-device rendering and playback. It aims to use industry standard graphics- and programming tools for graphics development along with common of-the-shelf web components for storage and visualization - essential elements to achieve the wanted modularity. Watch Kickstart Pitch HERE.