DekTec UK Limited

DekTec UK Limited

RF field measurements have always posed unique challenges for broadcast transmission engineers. DekTec's innovative DTU-331 Portable RF Probe provides a practical solution. Whether in the lab or the field, simply attach it to a laptop and powerful RF diagnostics become instantly available - no power outlet required!

Its dual tuners and frequency mixer enable a wide capture range from 42 to 3220MHz. The standout feature is Software-Defined Radio (SDR) technology, offering flexibility and capabilities that surpass traditional demodulator-chip based solutions.

SDR enables the probe to provide advanced measurements such as impulse response and transfer functions, giving users a comprehensive understanding of RF signals and system performance. Moreover, SDR facilitates adaptation to changes in existing standards and emerging ones, ensuring future-proof utility.

The DTU-331 demodulates various cable, terrestrial and satellite modulation types, all supported by DekTec's renowned StreamXpert analyzer. Specialized RF analyzers are available for ATSC 3.0 and DVB-T2, providing comprehensive, in-depth analysis of these complex signals.

In addition, it serves as a versatile I/Q sampler for any RF signal with a bandwidth up to 60MHz, expanding its utility beyond broadcasting.

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