DekTec UK Limited

DekTec UK Limited

DekTec's DTA-2110: Streamlining SMPTE 2110 Application Development

Creating software-based SMPTE 2110 applications is now significantly more efficient and straightforward with DekTec's newest addition, the DTA-2110 10G network card. Compatible with both Windows and Linux, this state-of-the-art card employs high-performance hardware accelerators and an easy-to-use API, paving the way for diverse 2110 applications like software H265 encoding and decoding, stream analysis and monitoring, compliance recording, and multiviewers.

The DTA-2110, which automatically synchronizes to PTP, innovatively introduces 'hardware pipes'. This feature enables a direct connection between your hardware and application, significantly reducing CPU cycles and memory bandwidth usage and thereby maximizing the efficiency of your 2110 application. The free SDK conveniently abstracts the IP layer, making the transition from SDI to Video-over-IP applications nearly effortless.

To further streamline application development, the DTA-2110 provides practical C++ code examples for efficient API utilization. The integration with FFmpeg allows for native use with the ffmpeg and ffplay tools. Moreover, the DTA-2110 is supported in DekTec's renowned StreamXpress and StreamXpert tools, offering reliable test and measurement of SMPTE 2110 solutions.

Priced at just €745 for a single unit, and with highly competitive OEM arrangements available, the DTA 2110 presents a cost-effective solution to facilitate the creation of SMPTE 2110 applications. In stock and ready to ship, the DTA-2110 is the perfect tool to kickstart your 2110 application development today!