Exclusive Fireside Chat – The Bundle Wars


Exclusive Fireside Chat – The Bundle Wars

16 Sep 2023
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Why diverse revenue models will increasingly dominate the media universe, as single focus players either get subsumed or die  

Spotify just reported increasingly worrisome earnings - they show no signs of ever turning a profit. Netflix has shown a complete inability to make their ad business work. Nintendo had a terrible past year. Snap is teetering on the edge. Meanwhile Microsoft is about to swallow Activision, YouTube and Apple are coming for Spotify’s music business, Meta looks to be the only Web 2.0 social media company who can survive, and every single big tech Death Star is now competing directly with Netflix for subs, ads and content. 

Single-focus media companies are going to face enormous competition from trillion dollar tech companies who can and will lose money stealing their market share. Media and tech companies who hyper-serve consumers’ entire Maslow’s Hierarchy of Feeds, across many segments, will control more and more of the customer relationship funnel, while stand-alone publisher/platforms will find they have less and less leverage, as they increasingly must rely on those same tech players to reach their audiences. 

The streaming wars are now the bundle wars. 

Nathalie Lethbridge, Founder - Atonik Digital
Evan Shapiro, Media Cartographer
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