Exclusive Fireside Chat - Wildstar Films


Exclusive Fireside Chat - Wildstar Films

17 Sep 2023
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Anwar Mamon is an Executive Producer at fast growing factual producer Wildstar Films, a leading supplier of innovative, high-profile premium natural history and adventure content for Disney+, National Geographic, Disneynature and other platforms with global audiences, often in partnership with ‘A List’ Hollywood talent.

Wildstar is also at the forefront of efforts to increase diversity on and off-screen in natural history which is traditionally a very white, male part of the industry, through initiatives such as the launch of the Wildstar Academy which trains up producers, camera operators and other production staff on location to create a viable pool of talented people in different countries around the world who bring new perspectives and stories to the screen and increase environmental awareness in their own countries. Wildstar is also a leading player in efforts to make natural history programme making more sustainable through initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of travel and filming animals in the wild.

Kate Russell, Journalist, Reporter and Author
Anwar Mamon, Executive Producer - Wildstar Films
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